This High-Power Car Battery Jump Starter photo above is an example of a white-label product. The manufacturer of this product does not sell directly to the general public. They agree to have other companies (IBOs) sell the product to the final customer. The mfg. does agree to stock the item and ship it directly to the final customer. Doing so makes the above product a white-label product. Doing so allows the manufacturer to concentrate on product development, and products mfg. put allow its products to reach a bigger market without worrying about setting up its distribution network. The IBOs hand all the marketing costs to get the product to the consumer.

Are IBOs offering the same services as above through our advertising partner’s network? The main difference is that we only offer digital-white-label products/services. Instead, we take care of all the website development, delivering customers to your website and other services that you need to be in business for yourself.