Our partners are looking to increase their whitelabel sellers to facilitate greater sales and greater amounts of merchant processing Just like dropshipping you never have to handle or ship the product but unlike dropshipping 90% of the business is automated including; marketing channels, website creation, accounting, etc…

Recurring revenue
Our business model allows your E-Commerce site to have recurring income, giving you a steady monthly income.

Why White Labelers? How
are IBO’s adding value?

Vista D/C Corp was started back in the 80s by Charles Jackson. At the time, we collected judgment data for collection agencies at small claims court to help them expedite individuals who were awarded judgments against people or businesses and needed to collect from the debtor.
We then morphed into a company that did land development services for individuals and businesses.
We are now working with our advertising partners (AP) to help people start their businesses without all the headaches of learning the trials and tribulations of starting and running a business. By working with me and are AP, we will help you get into an online digital web store business, and the everyday business will almost be entirely outsourced:


Role and Responsibilities

Create and launch – New Website/ new channels to distribute white-label digital products.
Monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot – Campaigns to performance goals.
Report – present performance, opportunities, and risks with the development team.
Interface – with multiple accounting teams, development teams, and HR.
Work – flexible hours around your schedule, all remote (no office).
We take care of bookkeeping and paying bills.

Guaranteed income
2-5 hours of work per month
No startup or ongoing fees
Great for diversifying income